Wednesday, August 16, 2017


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook or Goodreads or if we have ever spoken in real life I hope you already know how I feel about Charlottesville. I cannot stop thinking about it. I’m reading To Kill A Mockingbird this week, and spending quality time with Atticus Finch has felt like an appropriate retreat from the news.

And speaking of social media, you know what’s helping me to really process and grieve in this madness? In January I followed a few people of color who are active on Twitter. I’m not saying this makes me some kind of humanitarian, but it has helped me find places to donate, and it’s been incredibly helpful for me to hear and see non-white perspectives on current events and history. For me, it is easy to feel insignificant in the face of pernicious evil, but I have been trying to listen more and to amplify the voices of others.

So if you want to start small, Janan Amirah is my current favorite tweeter. Her likes and retweets have referred me to a lot of other great accounts too, like her tweet yesterday about Well-Read Black Girl. I recommend adding her perspective to your feed.

I also recommend not being a freaking Nazi.

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  1. I'll try to read your recommendations! Thank you for being so passionate and spreading the word. I read the FB post you shared today and loved the perspective. It's hard for me to read much about what's happening. Hearing about horrible evil things eats away at my soul and keeps me up at night and basically I'm a lightweight. I don't read or watch the news anymore. I wait for Chris to do it and give me a distilled version. Sometimes I feel bad about this, but it's what keeps myself (and my family) sane. I can support others in activism even if I can't be an activist myself. I do all that I can to bring love and goodness to everyone I interact with in person, and to raise my tiny people to grow up to be kind and good. The next generation is where it's at <3 and this is rambling so I'll be done now...


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