Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What goals are you working on right now?

Gretchen Rubin (of Happiness Project fame) wrote about how even after you stop going to school, September remains “charged with possibility and renewal.” I just registered Jack for preschool this week, so I am definitely in the mood for some goal setting. This week I finished two books, I officially weigh 35 pounds less than I did in February, I hired a calligrapher for our Christmas card, and yes, I am perfect. ;) The momentum feels so good! The point is, when I set my August goals this weekend I wanted to talk about one my current goals: fancy Sunday dinners.

In October I said I wasn’t hosting any more Sunday Dinners with friends. Sunday snacks worked just as well with the added benefits of getting to see my friends more and never doing dishes. Unfortunately, this life philosophy also resulted in never cooking anything on Sundays. We spent all day scrounging for food, and Chris just starved. So I decided to make our Sabbath more holy (and happy) by really cooking a serious Sunday dinner.

Because we eat salad for dinner on weeknights I figured I could muster the strength to cook once a week, especially if it would make our Sundays more special. After the kids start napping, Chris and I cook and then eat together. The house is quiet, there are sides to the main course, we drink fun juices out of fancy glasses, and it really does make our Sunday better. I feel closer to Chris, I love the time searching for recipes, and I love cooking. The post from October notwithstanding, it has been a great, slow, simple, rewarding goal for me right now.

Do you have a favorite goal you’re working? I want to hear.

b perry

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  1. So perfect. I bow to your perfect perfection! Chris ans I started a 10-week workout program last week. I'm excited because I decided we get to go do a high ropes+zip lining course if we finish it AND I (we) FREAKING LOVE THOSE THINGS.


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