Wednesday, August 30, 2017

You're Only Three Once

Jack turned three yesterday. omg.

There’s so much I want to write down and remember, but I’ll just tell you the thing I’ll miss the most about having a two-year-old: developing language skills. For a few months he called backhoes “cocos.” And if something was “bloken” he would ask me to “fickit the blinds” or “fickit the van.” He loves to sing, and I love the names he has for songs, like, “By The Dawnzer,” Which is “The Star Spangled Banner” (“By the dawn’s early light”). Last week at bedtime he looked up at Chris and said, “Oh! I have an idea! It’s called juice!”

Language skills are tricky, but it’s so cute to hear him figure it out. Plus, the better he gets at communication, the easier it is for us to be happier together. Being two was hard sometimes (for both of us), but every day he gets sweeter. And Zoe will be two in nine months, so I’ll get to do two again soon.

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