Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Eight picture books I *love* to read

One blessed day in my eighth grade drama class Ms. Morrel asked us to give a dramatization of any picture book we wanted. I embraced this assignment with a devotion approaching religious fervor, and I anticipated that my performance of The Princess and the Potty would remain the greatest dramatic reading of all time. And then, sadly, my talent remained in obscurity for twenty years.

Fortunately, bringing two children into the world allowed me to fulfill my hitherto secret lifelong ambition of becoming a universally beloved picture book performer. Of course my wee babies love to read together, but I’ll admit I am not “universally” beloved because, as you would expect, my husband is intimidated by my truly overwhelming gifts.

All this is to say: these are books that I love reading because I love animated narration.

Favorite books to read with Zoe - 15 months

Favorite books to read with Jack - just turned 3

please please share your favorites. we are never not checking out books from the library. 

b perry 


  1. OMG soulmates. I love dramatic readings too!!! I want to be a librarian so I can do storytime. Haha. I've been living One Fish, Two Fish because you can basically make up a different voice on every page. Fancy Nancy books are fun. Anything Elephant&Piggie (or Mo Willems in general)! My MIL sent us this book called "The Day My Runny Nose Ran Away", and it's especially fun because you can narrate the whole thing with a stuffy-nose voice (since you know, the kid/narrator doesn't have a nose) and there is a pirate and an old man and a snooty nose (with a theatrical English accent of course). SO MUCH FUN.

  2. One of Isaac's favorites is "Luke Goes to Bat" by Rachel Isadora, and I always think of your Black History theme when I read it.

    Also, we love all things Elephant and Piggie at our house.


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