Wednesday, September 6, 2017


A few years ago I read one of Billy Crystal’s memoirs. It has an essay about his daughter’s wedding, and I’ve been thinking about the closing paragraph lately.
They say the father of the bride gives his daughter away, but after searching my soul that day I knew that this wasn’t really accurate. For in truth, when you’re a father, at each milestone along the path, you’ve been giving them away piece by piece, little by little, their whole lives. 
Jack went to preschool this week. No, I don’t have a unique perspective on first day of school pains. And no, I’m not the only mom crying on the first day of school. But Jack and I have spent virtually all of our waking hours together over the last three years, and preschool feels like I’m giving so much away.

In the days leading up to the first day I distracted myself with back-to-school gifts for his teachers (Clorox wipes and fun pens), and what we would pack for his snack (apples, hummus, crackers), and what he would wear (see above). But when I finally dropped him off, it was a great time for me to have a short cry and really embrace the beginning of a new phase.

Growing up is hard and wonderful, and I’m so happy that I get to do it all again with these babies.

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