Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A season of thanksgiving

Last month I noticed that every third picture on my Instagram account is unintentionally and very consistently a flower post. I do not know why this happened, except that this year I have been trying to be more intentional about seeing good things and curating beauty in my life. And now it is November, a season for thanksgiving, so I want to spend this month being grateful for those good, beautiful things. After a rough few months of natural and manmade disasters, maybe you are looking for some good things too.

First off, I am grateful for the beauty of nature, and I am especially grateful to live in a place where it is easy to be outside. About a year ago I read In The Shadow of Man where Jane Goodall wrote this:
For those who love to be alone with nature I need add nothing further; for those who do not, no words of mine could every convey,  even in part, the almost mystical awareness of beauty and eternity that accompanies certain treasured moments.
I am grateful to live so close to so much beauty, where even though I am not alone, I know the kinds of treasured moments Jane Goodall is talking about. I love having the ocean, lakes, mountains, and forests so accessible for my family. I love it here, and I'm grateful to be here now. 

Tell me what is good in your life right now? Please. These are the things I want (need) to know. Books, recipes, baseball games, restaurants, sheets, idk, tell me all the things. I want to talk about it. 

b perry 

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