I’m Brittney Perry, and welcome to Please Send Candies. This blog has been many things over the years, but now it is a family lifestyle blog that focuses on how our family makes the most of being together.

You’ll find one post a week, usually on Wednesdays, about:
  • Playtime at home: cooking together,  reading on the couch, general mess-making
  • Family excursions: including date nights, family vacations, other local hair-brained schemes
  • Time with Friends: party planning, mailing letters, etc
  • And a wee bit of lifestyle ramblings

I grew up in Idaho, went to college at BYU, and I moved to San Francisco in 2010 to go to law school. I met my husband, Chris, at a crepe night in Palo Alto. In August 2014, Jack joined our family, then in May 2016 our daughter Zoe was born.

My favorite thing to do together is Friday morning breakfast, and Chris' favorites are weekend hikes and afternoon walks. Jack and Zoe always love to be together, even if it's 5:30 in the morning.

If you have any questions, please email me at britt@pleasesendcandies.com
You can also follow me on:
  • pinterest // I save maybe a dozen pins a week, mostly recipes I want to try, party ideas I like, and interior looks.
  • twitter //  I use Twitter as a newsfeed, so I like to post current articles I've enjoyed discussing with Chris. And of course I like the occasional wisecrack.
  • goodreads // This is probably my favorite social media platform right now because I love hearing what my friends are reading. I write two or three sentence reviews of the books I'm reading right now, one or two books a month.
  • instagram // family updates, moments that I think are beautiful or personally inspiring. I'm private because I genuinely believe I have the cutest kids in the entire world and I'm afraid of creepers.
  • snapchat @verybperry // mostly filtered monologues about our stray cats or family excursions


  1. Uhmmm oh my gosh. You are a dream in this photo! So pretty.

  2. My dad is from Idaho. It is such a beautiful state.


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